Starting from a specific request of the Customer, using the internal resources or acting as a coordinator between customers and external companies, we can offer: styling and design (focused on the shape-function relationship and supported by market researches and by researches on assembly techniques, through feasibility studies, scale models, 3D mathematical models , photorendering for the valuation of the shape qualities and for the first technical and dimensional tests, real scale models), engineering (through CAD 2D/3D modelling, reverse engineering, 3D mathematical models of any kind of surface, structural valuation with the Finished Components), industrialization (construction of models, prototypes, masters, production equipments) and, when requested, qualification tests for the certification of the new product (carried out through test equipments approved by the most important Certification Boards in the world, like the German TUV); the tuning of a complete productive process, based on the production extent and on the technology the Customer has requested, is also possible.